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They Aren't Being Taught the FUNDAMENTALS! Take a look around...there are TONS of Online Business Owners out there Selling a Dream Yet Living a NIGHTMARE!!!

No QUALITY Leads Coming Through the Doors

Don't Know How to Ask for the SALE

No Sense of Community 

Fear Based Mindset that drives Self Sabotage & Fuels Self- Limiting Beliefs  

Constantly SPAMMING what the Guru's on the Internet are Spewing

Little or No Knowledge of BASIC Marketing Concepts

We Have a Solution!

And it'll only cost you a quick phone call! Whether you're BRAND NEW to the Online Space or an INFLUENCER with a MASSIVE Following (or somewhere in-between)...Let's have a Chat and Mastermind the next STEPS into YOUR GREATNESS!

"I actually randomly stumbled across Jusst Jack through a very close mutual friend over a year ago. And I reached out during a time when I felt so lost... though during our initial conversation, I attempted to cover it up, and I tried to mask it and make it seem I had my life all together. But Jusst Jack saw through all my b.s, and called me out in a loving way that no one else has ever been able to.

I’m so grateful for the relationship I have with Jusst Jack, and I share this because I truly want you to know that it’s OKAY not to always be okay. What matters is you getting help and guidance, and finding that special someone that you can always call on.

Jack Jacobs, thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me. It has been life changing, and I’m blessed beyond belief to have you as my mentor. It’s people like you I strive to continue to surround myself with on a daily basis."

TIFFANY SOMA Home Business Owner

"Yes I was successful in my life and business but NOT living at my full potential. Not being the best I could possibly be and definitely not teaching that. This soul right here guided me to who I was born to be. The Queen of my power. BUT let me tell you something.....he may have guided me and pushed me....but it was I who chose to make it work. It was I who made the decision to find who I truly was. It was I who dove into his teachings and put our plan into action. I didn’t sit on it. I didn’t wait for it to happen. I lit that fire myself. I paved the way for my future.

The thing is, you find amazing humans like this every so often in your life. They teach you, they motivate you, they inspire you. But it is what you choose to do with those teachings thereafter that define who you are.

If you are still playing small in your life, I challenge you to find those people in your life and truly take what they teach you and change your damn life. Pave the way to who you were destined to be! And lastly, find yourself a Jack..........someone who cheers you on every step of the way but also holds you accountable to what you say you truly want out of your life. You’ll thank yourself later. Trust me."

JOHANNA JEAN WHITE Home Business Owner


Ready to get started!?

Who are you to NOT be GREAT?!?!

It's 2020! 

Time to take the next STEP and be the exact person that YOU came to this world to BE!



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I'm Not Much Different Than You...

"I met Jusst Jack 6 years ago here in San Diego, I knew right away he had a gift! I told him he was meant to be seen and people needed to hear his message... it’s so amazing how the Law of Attraction works because today I got to share a stage in San Diego with him as he gave a kick ass training. Girlllllll I am so proud of you! " 

-Amber Voight

I remember meeting Amber Voight 6 years ago. I was at a crossroads between waiting for what I wanted to COME to me...and going out there and GETTING IT!...I was stuck. So I asked for help. I asked for help from someone that I was willing to trade shoes with. I asked for constructive critisism from someone who ACTUALLY constructed something!    3 hours later, my life was changed FOREVER! All because I ASKED.

Where do you see YOURSELF 6 years from now?

And more importantly...do you have the nerve to ASK? ;)

-Jusst Jack


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